Latest Fishing Reports: United Kingdom

  • 22/08/2018 Fishing Report by John Dickens on North Star (Canvey Island, Essex)

    22 Aug 2018 by John Dickens

    Report on-board North Star

    Weathers been nice got out again very little bottom fish but we have been getting over 100 bass on feathers on most trips all returned to the water but great fun hopefully water w I'll cool down and more bottom fish should be about.

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  • 27/08/2018 Fishing Report by dominic wilson on Predator II (Portpatrick, Dumfries & Galloway)

    27 Aug 2018 by dominic wilson

    Report on-board Predator II

    this report covers the period 27 july to 27 august......
    the wind,like last year has ripped the month apart and I have lost 17/30 days to the weather
    when we have got out we have we have caught lots of fish and lots of species with most notable days being 2 good days on a northerly wreck with good sized pollack and coalfish and last wednesday the blackpool boys had an afternoon/evening on the pollack with john taking over 30 pollack with 2 over 8lb and 1 at 7lb and and a total boat catch of approx 100 pollack,all taken from the weeds under the cliffs at various points south of portpatrick.we also that day,caught tub gurnards on sidewinders!! we have also landed 3 tope this month,best being 35lb caught on a feather trace by myself and the next best at 28lb also caught on feathers! mackerel are everywhere and in really good numbers
    below is a list of species caught this month with the biggest weight in brackets.......
    tope(35),conger(7.5)spurdog(16)huss(15)blonde ray(12)thornback ray(12.5)ballan wrasse(2.5)pollack(8.5)coalfish(5)cod(3.5)haddock(2.5),whiting,pouting,ling,mackerel,herring,scad,launce,LSD,dab,scorpion fish,red/grey/tub gurnard(1.5)
    24 species in total!

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  • 19/08/2018 Fishing Report by Carl Pankhurst on High Flyer 2 (Great Yarmouth, Norfolk)

    19 Aug 2018 by Carl Pankhurst

    Report on-board High Flyer 2

    Had a great day out on the 19 Aug 18 aboard the High Flyer. Loved the new boat, unfortunately nothing new about the Skipper, sorry Jon, just getting my own back lol, plenty of banter, tea/coffee and chocolate biscuits.
    Me and Ed won't be leaving it too long until we book another day out.
    Again cheers Jon for a great day out.

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  • 25/08/2018 Fishing Report by Allan Skinner on JFK TWO (Tyne, Tyne and Wear)

    25 Aug 2018 by Allan Skinner

    Report on-board JFK TWO

    sat 25th aug

    the weather has been a little more unsettled on and off latterly, as was the day with a fairly stiff breeze and a northerly roll
    but despite this we still managed a decent day with a lovely cod of 16lbs for kevin, followed later with a nice ling of 14lbs for
    Darren with around 40 to 50 fish being taken

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  • 25/08/2018 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins on Mistress Linda (Poole, Dorset)

    25 Aug 2018 by Philip Higgins

    Report on-board Mistress Linda

    The last few days have seen the Mistress Linda fishing in the Swash Channel and along the beaches, the results have been excellent with plenty of Bream up to 1lb 12ozs and small to medium Plaice. On a short evening trip the Sunseeker team were treated to a couple of hours full on Bream fishing with over 50 being landed along with a few Mackeral. Excess weed has restricted fishing the Swash for most of the tide but if you time it to miss the weed the results are worth it. Local club Albion SAC decided to try for a Trigger Fish to no avail but fishing along the beaches landed lots of Plaice, Bream, Gurnard and a few Red Mullet the best weighing in at 1lb 6ozs caught by Keith Trim.

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  • 23/08/2018 Fishing Report by Paul Kilpatrick on Sea Otter 2 (Whitby, North Yorkshire)

    23 Aug 2018 by Paul Kilpatrick

    Report on-board Sea Otter 2

    We have been hammering the cod of late John wood caught this lovelly fish on the lads work days out on Sea-Otter 2 just under 20 lb a cracking fish John got a 20 ling on his last trip on Sea-Otter 2 he seems to connect with the big ones ��

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  • 20/08/2018 Fishing Report by patrick skiba on Predator II (Portpatrick, Dumfries & Galloway)

    20 Aug 2018 by patrick skiba

    Report on-board Predator II

    had a great 3 days out with Dom Monday 20th took us out plenty of macs for bait did a bit of drift fishing over rough ground and a wreck had spurs up to 15lb Pollock in total 15 species Tuesday tried for cod and haddock not to many about so finished off on the pollock .Wed all of the lads wanted a full day on the inshore pollock and we were on them from the off fish up to 8lb right through the day many thanks Dom had a great time on the light gear

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  • 25/08/2018 Fishing Report by Colin Penny on Flamer IV (Weymouth, Dorset)

    25 Aug 2018 by Colin Penny

    Report on-board Flamer IV

    Troy Louis and friends from Macclesfield joined Flamer IV and fished on a Reef east of Weymouth and caught several species which included Thornback, Spotted and Blonde Rays, Conger,Tope,Smooth Hounds,Mackerel,Pollack,Gurnard,Bass etc. They used light tackle with flowing traces baited with Squid and Mackerel strips. All the fish were returned alive. Pictured is Troy Louis with his 9Ib Bass.
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  • 25/08/2018 Fishing Report by peter stubbs on Sapphire (Sunderland, Tyne and Wear)

    25 Aug 2018 by peter stubbs

    Report on-board Sapphire

    Saturday 25th August, Full boat today we header off to the ground for couple hours then we tried a couple wrecks, But with the Northley Swell was making it a bit hard on the wreck, So we headed back to the ground and the lads started to bring in some nice codlings,

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  • 23/08/2018 Fishing Report by peter stubbs on Sapphire (Sunderland, Tyne and Wear)

    23 Aug 2018 by peter stubbs

    Report on-board Sapphire

    Wear fishing run by Jeff Moon had there 4hr trip today and the lads done very well taken around 50 codlings well done,

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