Latest Fishing Reports: United Kingdom

  • 07/03/2018 Fishing Report by John Dickens on North Star (Canvey Island, Essex)

    7 Mar 2018 by John Dickens

    Report on-board North Star

    Boats been out the water for 5 weeks had lots of work dun refurbish lots of bits to make it better for the anglers etc .back in now ready for the skate etc taking bookings now hopefully weather will stay nice and let us get out on the banks.

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  • 06/03/2018 Fishing Report by Trevor Crawley on Girl Mandy (Southend-On-Sea, Essex)

    6 Mar 2018 by Trevor Crawley

    Report on-board Girl Mandy

    After a 4 week lay up with a major refurbish of the engine room and engine boat is back on mooring so lets hope the gods are starting to give as better weather than what we have just been through so till our next report good luck and tight lines

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  • 02/2018 Fishing Report by Lewis hodder on Lyme Bay Charters (Lyme Regis, Dorset)

    Feb 2018 by Lewis hodder

    Report on-board Lyme Bay Charters

    February’s fishing was typical of the time of year really, we only manage 6 trips 4 of which were on the wrecks and 2 inshore trips.

    Inshore fishing produced plenty of whiting up to 3lb, the odd thornback ray, Bull Huss and a fair few small Smoothies.

    The wrecking continued to be good with lots of Pollack caught up to 15lb.

    Not a lot else to report I’m afraid this month hopefully I’ll have a bit more to write about in next months report when hopefully we will start seeing some good Pollack on the inshore reefs and wrecks and maybe even a few early Plaice and more smoothies on the inshore grounds.

    Tight lines


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  • 01/03/2018 Fishing Report by jon old on High Flyer 2 (Great Yarmouth, Norfolk)

    1 Mar 2018 by jon old

    Report on-board High Flyer 2

    Bringing us up to date we have seen a small influx of codling in recent week the downside now hit by 40mph plus easterly winds with everyone snowed in now! Hoping this cold snap will bring few more fish in on a normal year this month would be spring codling run follwed by the spotty dogs turning up mid to late March then April the start of skate when spring arrives. All we can do see what occurs the better times are just around the corner roll on the smoothounds! Website up to date for those wanting to plan any trips, this year we have been asked to do more tope specials so we will keep eye out for them mid june onwards rule of thumb. Lost out on night trips last year the wind just didnt play ball lets hope for a better season with the jet stream hopefully going the right way for once and all that cable work finished putting a spanner in the works i am looking forward to a better season. Hoping you can join us at some point. Next review soon as we get out until then tight lines everyone. Jon

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  • 03/2018 Fishing Report by Scott Belbin on Galloper (West Mersea, Essex)

    Mar 2018 by Scott Belbin

    Report on-board Galloper

    Following on from my last report on here the fishing has been quite good to start off the year here at mersea. The weather has been pretty favourable until this week and we have managed to get most trips in. what we are hatching has varied quite a bit depending on the tides and where we can get to. As many others boats in the area have reported there have been far better numbers of codling than the last couple of seasons. Most trips are producing a few codling and thorn-back rays with 6-12 codling an average sort of trip. Our best trip so far this year has been 23 codling along with a few rays, pouting, a dogfish, a bass and lots of whiting up to 43cm! this cold snap seems to have slowed some of the fish up since then but I would expect it to improve as we approach the end of the season.
    The dogfish and thorn-backs don’t tend to like the cold weather much but when we do get a couple of weeks of warmer weather they will soon push into our shallow coastal waters which warm up first. With any luck we will still have codling mixed in too which along with the other bits and bobs makes for some nice spring sport.
    Please visit my website or follow us on facebook for regular reports along with more information including availability.
    Here’s some of my availability for the coming month
    11/03/18 3 spaces @ £50pp max 8 anglers
    18/03/18 8 spaces @ £50PP or boat £360 max 8 anglers
    30/03/18 8 spaces @ £50PP or boat £360 max 8 anglers
    31/03/18 8 spaces @ £50PP or boat £360 max 8 anglers
    Please call for more information on 07956411528

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  • 01/03/2018 Fishing Report by Colin Penny on Flamer IV (Weymouth, Dorset)

    1 Mar 2018 by Colin Penny

    Report on-board Flamer IV

    Flamer IV is now back in the water after being out for maintenance etc, so she and I are now refreshed and raring to go fishing for the coming year. Have done some trips and caught plenty of Rays, Conger, Whiting, Smooth Hounds etc.
    After this weeks very cold and wintery weather I look forward to the Spring coming and fishing for Turbot, Brill, Plaice, Rays ,Spurs etc and Pollack and Ling on the Wrecks.
    Here are some March dates with places available - Reef/Bank - March 10th - 2 places left, 11th - 2 places left, 12th - 8 places left, Bank Trip for Turbot - 31st - 6 places left,
    Wreck Trips - March 9th - 6 places left, 17th - 6 places left ( includes a Red Gill Lure Competition), 18th - 8 places left (includes a Jelly Worm Competition), 23rd - 9 places Left, 24th - 9 places left, 28th - 9 places Left,
    DON'T MISS OUT - Book your Places Now. There are also other dates available in March for whole boat charter and individuals.
    JUNE 21st - Mid Summer Madness Trip - 12 hour species hunt 30 species challange - Only 1 place left, ( Dave Lewis from Sea Angler magazine is coming out to do a feature on this trip). Book your place.
    I have put up an Itinerary of trips for 2018 on all my web sites, take a LOOK, the itinerary is not set in stone so I may be able to change it to suit your needs subject to the tides.
    As well as our single day trips we cater for groups and individuals wanting to take a multi - day angling holiday.
    DON'T MISS OUT - Contact me a.s.a.p on 07968 972736
    LOOK - at my Website for places/trips available, latest catches and lots of information.

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  • 02/2018 Fishing Report by Paul Kilpatrick on Sea Otter 2 (Whitby, North Yorkshire)

    Feb 2018 by Paul Kilpatrick

    Report on-board Sea Otter 2

    Hi all i am away practically all March back 29 th and then raring to go we 3 festivals at Whitby the first in April with the winner getting £1000 and summer festival with £5000 going to the winner And a late summer festival with a £1000 up for grabs my calendar will be fully updated shortly.

    Tight lines Paul

    This feed king with his 26 lb ling winning £5000 on Sea-Otter 2 in a grand summer festival .

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  • 02/2018 Fishing Report by Bill Forrest on Kelsey Leigh (Tyne, Tyne and Wear)

    Feb 2018 by Bill Forrest

    Report on-board Kelsey Leigh

    Has a great day with Lee the skipper of the Kelsey Leigh. He tries hard to ensure his clients are on the fish from the word go.
    He is one of the most enthusiastic skippers I have met, and he passes that on the his clients .His personality is what makes the days trip very enjoyable, I would recommend a day out on the Kelsey Leigh to anyone want to try Sea Fishing he will cater for beginners to experienced anglers.

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  • 02/2018 Fishing Report by Gethyn Owen on My Way (Holyhead, Isle of Anglesey)

    Feb 2018 by Gethyn Owen

    Report on-board My Way

    We’ve been enjoying some settled weather off late and managing to get afloat on 6 days from the last 9. Coming to an end today as the cold winds with a F5 – 7 easterley forecasted.
    Fishing has been consistent for the time of year. Inshore offering up plenty of fish dogs, whiting and huss the majority of catches with dabs, pout, coalies and straps amongst the others.

    When we’ve pushed out to Holyhead Deep we’ve been rewarded with huss and some good double figure spurdogs.

    Good weather, good fishing, good crews, some excellent food and a good few laughs along the way.

    For this report with photographs please copy and paste this link into your browser
    07971 924046

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  • 23/02/2018 Fishing Report by Allan Skinner on JFK TWO (Tyne, Tyne and Wear)

    23 Feb 2018 by Allan Skinner

    Report on-board JFK TWO

    fri 23rd
    decided to squeeze a day out today before the coming bad weather, really pleased we did, what a excellent day, especially for February, decided to push a good way off.
    and it paid off from the first drop fish straight on, and picked up fish every drift. loads of nice fish 5-6lbs stamp. with Michael breaking his personal best with a lovely cod of 10.5lbs
    and regular tony picking up a nice ling tipping the scales at over 13lbs 7 anglers taking over 100 fish
    looking really promising for this coming season

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