Latest Fishing Reports: United Kingdom

  • 01/05/2010 Fishing Report by David Hancock on Excel 2 (Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire)

    1 May 2010 by David Hancock

    Report on-board Excel 2

    Darstardly North East winds again, limiting where we can get to but when we can get out there`s Terrific catches of Skate to be had.
    Also seeing strong catches of good bass close inshore, Nice !
    The first smoothounds are showing , mainly small but the big girls will be here any day soon.


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  • 30/04/2010 Fishing Report by Colin Penny on Flamer IV (Weymouth, Dorset)

    30 Apr 2010 by Colin Penny

    Report on-board Flamer IV

    APRIL 2010 - FLAMER III REPORT - Plaice and Turbot were the main quarry of the month and some good size fish were consistantly caught through out April.Plenty of plaice in the 4Ib plus bracket and Turbot up to 13Ib were landed.The wrecking was very good on the small tides for anchor sessions for conger eels with ling and pollack being caught on the drift.The reefs produced smooth hounds,congers,rays,bull huss,whiting etc. 24 different species caught on Flamer III in 2010 so far.Flamer III Fish of the Month for April was awarded to Clive Pearcy for his 6Ib plaice.

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  • 02/05/2010 Fishing Report by Colin Cooter on Emma Jayne (Chichester, West Sussex)

    2 May 2010 by Colin Cooter

    Report on-board Emma Jayne

    good day had by all with bream smoothhound and prize guy 11.5lb bass

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  • 29/04/2010 Fishing Report by brian poppy on Cleveland Princess (Lowestoft, Suffolk)

    29 Apr 2010 by brian poppy

    Report on-board Cleveland Princess

    29/04/2010 what a great day we had a nice bit of fish from a couple of marks that we use,it was the first time that jim has been with us he will certanly come again we finished up with 2 bass to 5lb, 7 rooker to 9lb, 5 cod between 5lb--8lb and a splattering of dogs and hounds for good measure,the forcast is not to good for the weekend with north/eastlys coming in to 7 sorry lads theres not a lot i can do about the weather,to all you fishermen/women who read the reports if you get let down by charter boats out of our area give me a call i will try and help you out if i can at least i will tell you if i am not going through mechanical or weather tight lines,bp.

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  • 23/04/2010 Fishing Report by Bob Marshall on Duke IV (Ramsgate, Kent)

    23 Apr 2010 by Bob Marshall

    Report on-board Duke IV

    The wreckfishing season has started here at Ramsgate and blessed with some fine weather we got out there on Duke IV. As with everything in nature it appears that things are running a couple of weeks later than would be normal. We tried a few wrecks before we got amongst the fish! The water is still cool and carrying some colour which is not best for our favoured method of drifting the wreck with lures but after a slow start on both days we got amongst the Pollack, fine hard fighting fish they were too! We also caught a few Cod, not as many as would be expected but I am sure numbers will improve throughout May!
    Inshore fishing has been pretty good with fair numbers of Skate, the odd Bass and the first of the Smoothounds arriving. Mackeral should be here soon and they will bring their predators with them!

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  • 26/04/2010 Fishing Report by Rich Ward on Shy-Torque III (Whitby, North Yorkshire)

    26 Apr 2010 by Rich Ward

    Report on-board Shy-Torque III

    Fishing has taken a great leap for the better this last few days here at Whitby with some good catches on the Swim Shads and Jelly Worms. Today we were working a wreck 18 miles North of the harbour and took all our cod on the shads and jelly worms. Clearing water at last !!

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  • 26/04/2010 Fishing Report by Rich Ward on Shy-Torque III (Whitby, North Yorkshire)

    26 Apr 2010 by Rich Ward

    Report on-board Shy-Torque III

    After a couple of "shakey" days last week at Whitby, things are at last showing signs of improvement. Last Friday fished well on the wrecks on the 20 mile stream and today we had a good show of cod off just 1 wreck 18 miles North of the harbour. All fish today being taken on the swim shads and the jelly worms. Lets hope it continues !!

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  • 25/04/2010 Fishing Report by Les Jones on White Maiden II (Lymington, Hampshire)

    25 Apr 2010 by Les Jones

    Report on-board White Maiden II

    Struggling with the good weather! Who would have known this last September when these trips were planned! Unfortunately this lovely sun is not warming the sea up as the nights have been so cold. A cold winter, low sea temps, Easterlies plus high pressure is putting the fish off their dinner, that's for sure. The 'White Maiden' crew, Church Crookham SAC, found a few Gars, nice to see mind, plus a dozen wrasse and half a dozen dogs, but no Bream. It wasn't for trying, as rigs and bait looked good and we tested 3 marks. They just didn't want to know or are not there in numbers yet. The pic right, is Paul, with one of the early inshore Gars. Nearby 'Wight Rebel' and 'Our Mary' found a couple of Bream but they are hard work still. The water is clearing all the time and the best fish could be there any time now.

    We had lots of options open to us and boats went off in all directions but reports were very similar, lots of effort and little return. Andy Stevens on 'Make My Day' caught a nice 11lb Small Eyed Ray, Roy Davies on 'Agay' a 15lb Cod. One of Kev's crew aboard 'Voyager' caught a 12.5lb Pollock, these were all good but occasional fish with the conditions as they are. Everything could change, any day now, and those first Mackerel will be followed keenly by the rest of the sought after species.
    By the way today (Sunday) was very cold with more breeze than yesterday and a horrible sea fog that would have made it more of a challenge for all, lets hope they found a few more fish than yesterday. As I walked Hurst Shingle Bank and then had a pint and a ploughmans lunch in 'The Gun' at Keyhaven, I thought I should call a few of the skippers to find out what was occuring, and then I realised, what I may have thought myself, receiving the same call, while sat out in thick fog! So I didn't dare make the calls.
    Tightlines, Les Jones.

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  • 04/2010 Fishing Report by Gethyn Owen on My Way (Holyhead, Isle of Anglesey)

    Apr 2010 by Gethyn Owen

    Report on-board My Way

    Fortunately April saw the change in our weather fortunes as more settled weather and high pressure spells nestled over the UK and treated us all to calmer fortunes.

    This time of year we tend to go on the look out for big bull huss, spring spurdog and if lucky one or two small tope that often run with the spurdog packs.

    Northern marks at the edge of Holyhead Deeps were not to let us down as our first jolly early April returned numerous double figure huss and spurdog to 15lb. Sadly no tope on this day, but being a good 6weeks before our general run started, we were not to down hearted. Approaching North stack on our way out, we noticed some dolphins playing in the water – deciding to take a slight detour we went to hae a look and were rewarded with over half an hours excitement simply watching a pod of over 100 bottle nosed dolphins playing and feeding in the spring sunshine.

    The following day a slight change in actual mark we fished, gave us the huss, spurdog and this time the tope we had hoped for, weighing in at 22lb and 23lb for Milnrow Sea Anglers Ken and Dennis. During the trip we reached a good 12 species aboard My Way including pollack, coalie, ballan, cuckoo, a good start to our 2010 adventures.

    Barring a few trips when the wind gods wanted to dampen our ever increasing enthusiasm for 2010’s fishing exploits big huss, spurdogs and even more 20lb+tope was how April continued. Inshore the drifting has improved almost daily with better Pollack and coalies moving in to populate the rocks and ledges surrounding Holyhead bay. The wrasse are still playing hard to get, but some nice ballans and cuckoos have started to make an appearance on this years guest list.

    When the weather has hampered our days out and we have been forced inshore, there have been plenty of fish around in the form of dogfish, whiting, small codling, dabs, small huss and a few thornbacks – nothing to really get an IGFA world record, but battled on light tackle followed by a sausage buttie and cup of tea, always makes for a fun filled trip.

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  • 25/04/2010 Fishing Report by brian poppy on Cleveland Princess (Lowestoft, Suffolk)

    25 Apr 2010 by brian poppy

    Report on-board Cleveland Princess

    25/04/2010 We left harbour at 6.00am and steamed to a mark off sizewell that we had fished before, with the tide on the flood it took us just over an hour,it was flat calm with a nice bit of sunshine in for good measure we had 8 nice cod between 5lb/8lb we decided to head back half way through the ebb and fish the last 2 hours on our 4 mile mark for a skate,no skate but we had 4 more cod about the same size not a bad day,i would like to thank Geoge/Andy/steve for coming in at short notice great company,see you all soon bp.

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