Latest Fishing Reports: United Kingdom

  • 07/12/2009 Fishing Report by Bob Marshall on Duke IV (Ramsgate, Kent)

    7 Dec 2009 by Bob Marshall

    Report on-board Duke IV

    November has been an interesting month. I can't remember a month with so much wind! I have had to cancel most of my planned trips and as I look out over Ramsgate harbour its raining and the wind is howling.
    The fishing when we have got out has been as expected with lots of Whiting and Dabs along with Cod, Skate and the odd Bass. Jo and her friends had a good trip on Duke IV with a catch of Cod, Whiting and Bass.
    We have had local peeler crabs available in Ramsgate, very late in the year for this area, I suppose the water temperature still in the 50s has encouraged this late peal.
    The Herring and Sprats have arrived so the Cod are feasting on them, good for packing on weight but not so good for us trying to catch them..
    A number of Spurdogs have been caught in the nets so maybe we will be able to catch a few, the law of averages should allow us a spell of settled weather required to get far enough offshore. Still dates available in December and the New year on Duke IV.
    Seasons greetings to you all! Bob.

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  • 07/12/2009 Fishing Report by Colin Penny on Flamer IV (Weymouth, Dorset)

    7 Dec 2009 by Colin Penny

    Report on-board Flamer IV


    2009 Was the fifth year this species league had taken place.All most 60 different species have been recorded.

    Champion - Steve Clements,Runner Up - Rick Hawkins,Most Species - Rick Hawkins with 30,Pairs Winners - Andy Selby and Steve Clements with 32 different species,Runners Up - Mick Nunn and Rick Hawkins with 31,Most Improved Angler - Paul Milkins,Wrasse Shield - Steve Clements,Best Specimen - Steve Clements 4Ib Brill,Over 60's award - Mick Nunn,Weakest Link - Wayne Frapple,Most points over the 5 years of the league award - Ray Evans.

    Presentation picture attached.

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  • 06/12/2009 Fishing Report by stuart belbin on Razorbill 3 (West Mersea, Essex)

    6 Dec 2009 by stuart belbin

    Report on-board Razorbill 3

    Since the last report i have been out everyday with some good catches
    , The best day had to be Tuesday 1st when we had 35 COD to 15lb and 7 THORNBACKS to 11lb, One angler Robert Wall had COD of 15lb,9lb,7lb.While Mike had the biggest THORNBACK of 11lb,All the other anglers had COD and THORNBACKS up to 7lb, Each day we have had anywhere between 13 and 31 COD from the RIVER BLACKWATER to 7lb with THORNBACKS to 8lb,The best day in the river was FRIDAY 4th when 4 anglers had 31 COD to 7lb one angler having 11 keepers to 7lb,

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  • 01/12/2009 Fishing Report by Ray Burn on Grey Viking (Brighton, East Sussex)

    1 Dec 2009 by Ray Burn

    Report on-board Grey Viking

    Managed to get out on Tuesday. Yippee a break in the weather. Lovely day with a star catch of a 30lb Conger followed swiftly by plenty of cod rolling in at between 8 and 10lb. A lovely fish supper!

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  • 29/11/2009 Fishing Report by stuart belbin on Razorbill 3 (West Mersea, Essex)

    29 Nov 2009 by stuart belbin

    Report on-board Razorbill 3

    We were able to get out today so i went to a mark that i fished a week or so ago to see if the fish were still there, after a short time we started to get in to the COD, With fish up to 7lb then one of the rods took off and after a short fight we landed an 11lb THORNBACK RAY , The total for the day was 20 COD to 7lb and 1 THORNBACK to 11lb.

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  • 30/11/2009 Fishing Report by stuart belbin on Razorbill 3 (West Mersea, Essex)

    30 Nov 2009 by stuart belbin

    Report on-board Razorbill 3

    Once again with strong winds we were Restricted to the river but the way the river has been fishing thats OK, The anglers are happy to just get out at this time, with so many trips canclled around the coast at least they are fishing,Not a great day to day 13 COD to 7lb and one THORNBACk to 8lb and all thre WHITING you want.

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  • 13/02/2009 Fishing Report by kurt lander on Yellowfin (Newhaven, East Sussex)

    13 Feb 2009 by kurt lander

    Report on-board Yellowfin

    February and March are the first opportunity in the year to get out to the distant off shore wreck's,
    and february was a good start to the year,with good amount's of Cod and Pollack, and the best
    Pollack on Yellow Fin was a wopping 21 pound beauty, biggest out the port all year.
    And the early part of march was to windy to get out any distance, then a break in the weather
    on Friday The 13 of all day's proved to be a cracking day's fishing good catch of Cod and Pollack
    up 16 pound's, Then the weekend proved, a day never to be forgotten drifting over a wreck
    with shad's was the best day's Bass fishing with 87 in total, most went back, and 16 Pollack
    and 2 Cod, caught between 11 on board.

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  • 27/11/2009 Fishing Report by Steve Andrews on Supreme (Rhyl, Denbighshire)

    27 Nov 2009 by Steve Andrews

    Report on-board Supreme

    this set of tides proved to be very productive for the coddling with most of the boats fishing the mersey connecting with them ,there are still a few thornback rays about mixed in with some exellent whiting and dabs

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  • 27/11/2009 Fishing Report by stuart belbin on Razorbill 3 (West Mersea, Essex)

    27 Nov 2009 by stuart belbin

    Report on-board Razorbill 3

    We have had gales all week so when the forcast was for "ONLY STRONG WINDS" we made the most of it, The wind was strong but we could get some shelter from the sandbanks and shoreline in the BLACKWATER, A short trip to a mark that fished well on these small tides last year and we were fishing, I had 9 hire rods on the RAZORBILL 2 but they are willing to learn so it gives you more time to help( and make tea!).
    WHITING were the first fish aboard but then one of the rod nearly went over the side and after a good fight a fine THORNBACK RAY of 8lb was on the deck, After casting out again the angler had another one almost as soon as the bait hit the sea bed, A smaller THORNBACK RAY around 4lb,Not a bad start, The CODLING soon followed with fish up to 5lb, and thats,s how the day went, WE had 16 CODLING to 5lb, 4 THORNBACK RAYS to 8lb, WHITING,POUTS and DOGS, The day was bright and sunny and the wind decreased in the afternoon, As we went in the sun was going down over the land and the sea was calm, The anglers all had a great day and i have the best job in the world.

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  • 21/11/2009 Fishing Report by stuart belbin on Razorbill 3 (West Mersea, Essex)

    21 Nov 2009 by stuart belbin

    Report on-board Razorbill 3

    Saturday was the only day that we would get out this weekend and with strong winds forcast for the afternoon i fished the river, Some of the other boats went out and i did wonder if i had made the wrong move but as it turned outwe had a fair day, With 18 COD to 5lb plenty of WHITING and DABs, There was plenty of bites and fish to keep the anglers occupied and AGAIN we didn,t lose the day to strong winds.

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