Latest Fishing Reports: United Kingdom

  • 12/05/2011 Fishing Report by Colin De Block on Lead Us (Lowestoft, Suffolk)

    12 May 2011 by Colin De Block

    Report on-board Lead Us

    anchored up on a mark just off the town lots of spotties and smoothies two nice bass 2.5lb & 3.5lb and then the biggest smoothie of the year so far a nice starry at 5.5lb a good day had by all

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  • 29/04/2011 Fishing Report by Sue Smith on Bluefin (Ilfracombe, Devon)

    29 Apr 2011 by Sue Smith

    Report on-board Bluefin

    Fishing Trip, Friday 29th April
    Brilliant weather, primarily an Easterly wind starting off at 20+ knots but soon dying down to a pleasant 12knots for the rest of the day, mostly sunny and warm.
    Good crowd of “Lads” from Barnstable for the day, with a couple of Sea Fishing First Timers. To give everyone a taster and to get the new lads into “the zone” while waiting for the tide to ease in the offshore marks and to get the day going had a go at dog-fishing. The obliging doggies did not disappoint, after feeding them on some prime herring and mackerel baits for what seemed a micro second, there were a steady stream of the kennel club members flopping onto the deck. No doggies were hurt during this performance, all returned to their respective kennels to fight another day!
    After nearly an hour we set off to the rough ground offshore mark approximately 8 to 9 miles out of Ilfracombe; close to the one fished the previous Saturday, in the hope of hooking up to a couple of Spur Dogs. After setting anchor in a bit of a lively sea and beam on to boot lol! The results were initially surprising! Not a doggie in site but what seemed an endless supply of their close relatives Bull Huss! I think all of the lads caught Huss with one or two being quite good doubles. They were caught on a mixture of baits including Herring, Squid, Mackerel, Sand eel, Sardines and any mixture, in cocktailed baits. The Spur dogs were not as prolific as the Saturday trip however there were again a few touching the mid double figures. We did have a couple of surprise appearances with a healthy Rocking and a neat little Thornback ray. We fished the tide through the slack well into the afternoon until the tide picked up too much and went back inshore to do a bit of feathering for Pollock or the elusive Mackerel. We picked up Coal Fish, Pollock and again the plague proportion dog fish.
    One of the lads Dan; his first sea fishing trip, although he does do the Carp…..yep I said CARP thing lol; had a fabulous day, with 6 species caught and comments like “I will be def doing this again………Soon” “when are we going again” etc, methinks the Carp…hehe, will be taking the proverbial back seat!
    We all had an absolutely superb day’s fishing, very comfortable, clean and quick boat.

    Species for trip, Dog fish, Bull Huss, Spur dog, Thornback Ray, Coal Fish, Rockling and Pollock.

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    Sat 20/07/2019
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  • 11/05/2011 Fishing Report by grahame elliott on Serenity (Amble, Northumberland)

    11 May 2011 by grahame elliott

    Report on-board Serenity

    Got a trip together yesterday 11th May left harbour at 7.00 and headed down towards first mark picked up a few keepers then steamed for Cresswell first drift produced a ling and a few more cod another drift at the change of tide and more fish over the side and a better size too so did another couple more the same mark. Steamed back north and two more drops producing only 2 0r three Cod and a couple of Wrass....steamed in to beat the tide.................Total keepers for the day 120 best fish Ray Hogg from Ellington. Now waiting on the wind to drop P...L..E..A..S...E.....................

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  • 07/05/2011 Fishing Report by Ray Martin on PLAN B (Southend-On-Sea, Essex)

    7 May 2011 by Ray Martin

    Report on-board PLAN B

    Having been fishing in Norway and only getting back late Friday night put me up against it.. I had to get up at 0300 to get the boat ready.. luckily the bait man did not let me down.
    Saturday a group managed a haul of around 15-20 skate up to 12lb and around 30 hounds, plus god knows how many dags.. sorry dogs.
    Sunday fished a closer mark and had again 15-20 skate best one 10lb and only 3 hounds (ran out of crab) doggies still in big numbers and a load of whiting eating large ragworms meant for bass.
    next week I am going bass hunting, should be good as the water is clearing and the crab are about in big numbers....

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  • 10/05/2011 Fishing Report by Rich Cope on Mistress (Whitby, North Yorkshire)

    10 May 2011 by Rich Cope

    Report on-board Mistress

    Finally got my engine back in the boat and back in the water yesterday. The engine still needs running in so decided on a slow run out to a few marks to build a few hours up!

    we tried a couple of patches of ground on the way out to a wreck that i thought would throw a few fish up for us. the ground never produced any fish, but we picked a few off the wreck, nothing enormous, biggest fish was maybe 6 or 7lb

    All the fish were taken on shads of varying colours.

    Pictured left to right; Joe Law, Mark Seaman, John Law

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  • 10/05/2011 Fishing Report by Gary Flint on Discovery (Liverpool, Merseyside)

    10 May 2011 by Gary Flint

    Report on-board Discovery

    We were booked to go offshore over Liverpool Bay today. But due to the weather conditions we were restricted to the confines of the River Mersey.

    The trip was booked by a group of guys From Sky TV. When we arrived at the marina, we gave the group the option of blowing the trip off and transferring their date or fishing in the river. With the latter option being taken of fishing the river.

    The wind was gusting 32Knots with a choppy sea by the radar tower.

    Fish caught over the day were whiting, dogfish, Dabs and Flounder. The best flounder weighed in at 2lb 5 ounces.

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  • 05/04/2011 Fishing Report by Dave Builth on Upholder (Amble, Northumberland)

    5 Apr 2011 by Dave Builth

    Report on-board Upholder

    Catch report April 2011

    So far 2011 is off to a good start with the first of the codling’s being caught on the 7th of April which is nearly three weeks earlier than normal.
    The first of the codling’s were clean fresh fish, most of the fish being returned due to the fish being thin and out of condition but there were 20 codlings kept between 4 anglers best was around the 4lbto 5lb mark.

    April the 9th
    Southend SAC from Carlisle had 72 codling’s to keep between 8 anglers and as usual only kept only the best of the fish was kept with nothing being taken under 16 inches and the best Codling being around the 5.5lb to 6lb mark.

    Thursday April 21st
    A party of 10 anglers made up of individuals caught a total of 104 codlings, as usual nothing was kept under 16inches or 2.5 lb. and the best of the fish were around the 6lb mark.
    Without doubt the best bait has been cooked prawns and squid strips fished on Daylites and Hokki’s ,
    Good sport was to be had on Shads fished on light tackle.

    Saturday April 22nd,
    Steven Muir and his group of lads from Gretna area had 74 codlings for 8 anglers and
    Local angler Martin Woods had the best codling at 6.5lb (see photos).

    Saturday 23rd,
    Maggie Mays SAC from Carlisle kept 107 codlings with countless smaller fish being returned,
    The quality of the fish has improved and the average size is around 3lb to 4lb mark with still nothing over

    Sunday 24th,
    Alan Haggon and the Port of Leith SAC kept 85 Codlings most of which were caught on
    Fresh dug Lug worm fished on light tackle.

    To sum up April the fishing started early this year with fish being caught in late March/early April this being
    Due to the very mild April and the spring starting early but we did have to cancel trips in late April Due to strong East to South East winds.
    All in all the fishing has been very good and has fished more like June than April with the average catch per angler around 10 codling to keep mostly caught on Squid Strip And Prawns fished on traces.
    The water has be very clear and the bloom in the water cleared early this year.

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  • 09/05/2011 Fishing Report by Bob Marshall on Duke IV (Ramsgate, Kent)

    9 May 2011 by Bob Marshall

    Report on-board Duke IV

    A busy few days with 5 trips in 5 days. Really lucky to get such good weather and the fish have played too!
    Lots of fish for the individuals day Thursday then on Friday, Peters crew from an East London pub turned up for a corporate day. Along with the food & drink they caught some nice Thornies and Hounds!
    On Saturday it was back out to the wrecks with Steves crew from Sheppey and after a difficult start with the first 3 wrecks being quiet we made up for it with a good catch of Cod from the last one Phew!!
    Sunday brought some wind so Andys crew were disappointed we couldnt get to the wrecks but were happy with the excellent inshore fishing with the Thornies & Hounds we managed to find.
    Monday began with a fine morning so we headed north where we had fish all day with Skate, Bass, Whiting, Codling and some fine Dabs, Mel managed a nice Smoothound to finish the day.

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  • 08/05/2011 Fishing Report by Simon Gentleman on Razorbill 3 (West Mersea, Essex)

    8 May 2011 by Simon Gentleman

    Report on-board Razorbill 3

    What a fantastic day out.

    We were a bit early for our trip, but this was no problem to our skipper Stuart. We left as dawn was breaking and cruised for about 45 minutes before reaching our spot. Stuart was friendly, efficient and very knowledgeable as he patiently explained the required techniques for fishing. Most of us were complete novices so we appreciated the input. It only took about 30 minutes for the fish to start biting. My son Mark hooked his first ever dogfish and was elated. Not long after my twelve year old daughter got a large skate, she struggled to hold it for the photo! After that all of us hooked a variety of species and sizes. Whether you are an experienced angler or total newcomers like us I can't recommend this charter highly enough. We all had a fun and memorable day.

    Many thanks Stuart.

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  • 04/2011 Fishing Report by andrew alsop on White Water (Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire)

    Apr 2011 by andrew alsop

    Report on-board White Water

    A great days mixed fishing ....1 angler 10 species ...

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