Latest Fishing Reports: United Kingdom

  • 08/2018 Fishing Report by Roger Lennon on Skerry Belle (Ramsgate, Kent)

    Aug 2018 by Roger Lennon

    Report on-board Skerry Belle

    Big bass of ramsgate onboard skerry belle,
    12lb 9oz for dan on live prawn

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  • 15/08/2018 Fishing Report by Lewis hodder on Pegasus (Lyme Regis, Dorset)

    15 Aug 2018 by Lewis hodder

    Report on-board Pegasus

    Fishing continues to be mostly very good, with the odd slow day here and there. Inshore trips have produced lots of Bream up to 3lb, Plaice up to 4lb 8oz, a nice variety of Rays into double figures, the odd Bass up to 8lb , Red Gurnards, small congers, plenty of Scad and Mackerel and of course Dogsfish, Pouting and Wrasse.
    Offshore trips on the anchor have been producing lots of small Tope, some good sized Black Bream and again
    a good variety of rays with Blondes up to 16lb, Undulates to 14lb and Thornback to a similar size. A few individual spaces left for August and September. 07519160020 to book.

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  • 12/08/2018 Fishing Report by lee deboer on Ocean explorer (Hartlepool, Durham)

    12 Aug 2018 by lee deboer

    Report on-board Ocean explorer

    Good fishing over the weekend with ling upto 17 lb and pollack to 8lb plenty of pan size cod still on the ground

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  • 14/08/2018 Fishing Report by Colin Penny on Flamer IV (Weymouth, Dorset)

    14 Aug 2018 by Colin Penny

    Report on-board Flamer IV

    Hi ALL
    TRIPS WITH PLACES AVAILABLE in August and September -
    BREAM/FLATTY TRIPS - September 28th,
    The Reef/Bank fishing has been really good with good catches of Black Bream, Rays, Bull Huss, Congers, Tope etc.
    My Next Reef/Bank Trips with places available are on: August 24th,30th, Sepetember 6th,7th,11th,22nd,29th,
    The Flatty fishing continues to be good with some good size Plaice being landed along with Turbot and Brill.
    The Next Flatty Trips with places available are on - August 29th, September 23rd,24th,30th,
    October 26th - Flamer IV v Supanova II Flatty Competition,
    WRECK FISHING - for Pollack,Cod etc,
    My Next Wreck Trips with places available are on: September 10th,16th,26th,
    DON'T MISS OUT - BOOK YOUR PLACE(S) and get a Tug on your Tackle
    As well as our single day trips we cater for groups and individuals wanting to take a multi - day angling holiday.
    NOTE: I am now Taking Bookings for 2019.
    DON'T MISS OUT - Contact me a.s.a.p on 07968 972736
    LOOK - at my Website for places/trips available, latest catches and lots of information

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  • 13/08/2018 Fishing Report by peter stubbs on Sapphire (Sunderland, Tyne and Wear)

    13 Aug 2018 by peter stubbs

    Report on-board Sapphire

    Sunday 12th August, Today another early start 7am 8 lads out rain teaming down thick mist out there has we headed out and very big tide I headed north on the rough ground, From the start the codlings coming in just caught the tide at its best, And for 3 lads who never boat fished before or even fished at sea it was a very good day for them taken around 50 codling home with them back to Birmingham, Has well the other 4 lads done very well two all taken very good bags of codling home the best been 7lb,

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  • 12/08/2018 Fishing Report by Jonathan Law on Privateer (Rhyl, Denbighshire)

    12 Aug 2018 by Jonathan Law

    Report on-board Privateer

    Not had a report for a while but thats not because the fishing has dropped off, far from it although there is a lull in the Tope action and the larger ones have proved hard work to find. Small ones are plentiful and growing fast and I expect those that survive till next year will come back large and fighting fit. In fact it has been noticeable how healthy and well fed all the species are this year. Even the often, too prolific Whiting we caught offshore last week, were pot bellied with quite a few very good sized ones already. I've probably mentioned this before but the Rays in the next few years should reach some specimen sizes and the numerous Tub Gurnards should get back to the sizes Rhyl was famous for, before the wind farm work, which will I hope be very nice for all. I honestly couldn't number all the species we have had in the last couple of weeks but its certainly respectable and even the odd Herring has not left the area.

    This coming Month I am away for a week Conger fishing in Weymouth and I only have one date free so lets hope the weather remains kind. On the 1st day of September, i'm running a fun species match and I still have places .. if interested please message me �� .... i'm quite excited and I'm not even fishing lol .... the trip is 9- 10 hours to fit all the marks in and will cost £45 per angler. Its a 5am sail which is a slight bummer ... but it will be worth it.

    Lastly Subject to weather I plan to have an evening into night trip, trying to get a Sole on the boat. Friday 7th September. 7:30pm till 12:30am. Quite specialised but will be quite something if we could find a few.

    All the best and tight lines.

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  • 12/08/2018 Fishing Report by Lee Brown on Kelsey Leigh (Tyne, Tyne and Wear)

    12 Aug 2018 by Lee Brown

    Report on-board Kelsey Leigh

    Maccy trip the day still ended up a few cod aswell

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  • 11/08/2018 Fishing Report by Lee Brown on Kelsey Leigh (Tyne, Tyne and Wear)

    11 Aug 2018 by Lee Brown

    Report on-board Kelsey Leigh

    Over 7o cod 3o keepers and a pollock

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  • 10/08/2018 Fishing Report by peter stubbs on Sapphire (Sunderland, Tyne and Wear)

    10 Aug 2018 by peter stubbs

    Report on-board Sapphire

    Friday 10th August, We headed out at 8am today 8hr trip, After a few drifts over the rough ground and with only codlings to 3lb coming aboard I had a move right inshore and one angler took a 10 half lb cod, Another move on to another good patch of rough ground the lads just picking away at the codlings and Pollock, The best Pollock of 7half lb, Then out of the blue one angler picks up a cracking ling to 16lb,

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  • 06/08/2018 Fishing Report by jon old on High Flyer 2 (Great Yarmouth, Norfolk)

    6 Aug 2018 by jon old

    Report on-board High Flyer 2

    Todays trip headed out past the 12 mile mark in search of few tope, tried our luck at feathering for fresh mackerel, unfortunately had a whole 3!Plenty of weavers and sandeels though . Was a good job brought plenty bait. After a light bit of chumming we anchored up not long to wait and first reel screamed off to Paul Layton which turned out to be Pauls first tope. Just over 22lb not a bad fish plenty of scrap as they do. Not long after Paul again got the run with bigger fish which to be fair was a thirty but concerned in the heat for the fish was returned quick so we decided 25lb in the end but you can see from the picture here actual size. Well done to Paul we didnt get another run got quite lumpy and we came inside but had a good day despite the weather. First tope of the season everythings running late out Sat 18th got few places left another Tope Special if your interested get in quick. Thanks to everyone for the day looking forward to next one.
    Cheers Jon (High Flyer 2)

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